Wilderness at the Smokies

We went to a brand new hotel, Wilderness at the Smokies! It has 3 large waterparks, 1 indoor, and two outdoor. One of the outdoors has a lazy river and a wave pool. This is in the indoor park, it was sooo much fun!!! I'll explain about the bucket below, in the next couple pics. Here's J-Dawg on the Surf Rider. Boogie on down, brother! ^_^
This is the biggest, HOOGEST, waterslide, that we've ever been on!! It was terrifying and fully awesome at the same time! The float can hold up to four people. Sari looks like she passed out... O.o
This is the indoor wave pool. Fully AWESOME!!! If you caught the wave just right, you could ride it in. That's J-Dawg and Ju out there.
This is one of the outdoor parks. Notice the slides. =]Pose for the pic, dahlings!
Here we are playing water basketball. I'll tell you, it is really hard to dribble in the water. ^_^
Oo, I love this pic. There is a HUGE bucket that holds 1000 gallons of water and dumps it ALL every few minutes. The force could knock a little kid down...
little water fall... good massage. Ahhh..... -.-

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