We Got Tagged!!!

Hello everyone! We were tagged by some friends to do this little quiz... thingy... Anyways, Mom and us girls participated because Dad and the brother thought it was sissy. Mom's answers are typed in purple, Sari's red... ish, JP's lime green, and mine (Juju) are blue.

Favorites What is your favorite animal? Build-A-Bear. Panda bears. Let's see... I like a lot... How about something nutty...SQUIRREL!!! Otters! Who is your favorite author? I don't really have a favorite... Dee Henderson, but I have many others. Brian Jacques. Hmm... there's too many... What is your favorite instrument? Depends on my mood... (There's a LOT of those!!) Bass guitar and violin/fiddle! I have a wide range... Celtic instruments, Asian instruments, Rock instruments... Good grief! Why do you have to ask these sort of questions?! I will go with... a harp. :) That's the next instrument on my wishlist! What is your favorite sport to watch? FOOTBALL. Basketball! Swimming! I don't have one. :( What is your favorite sport to play? If I could still run, basketball. See the above, and add dancing! Swimming! ULTIMATE FRISBEE! What is your favorite movie? Wuthering Heights. TANGLED!!!!!!!!! *yelling from the shower* That's hard!! Umm... I really liked Tangled's animation, and Narnia was awesome! I don't like movies all that much... but... I will go with... Tangled. What is your favorite classic literature book? Wuthering Heights. Chronicles of Narnia! Sherlock Holmes!!!! Sherlock Holmes. The new movie ruined him! What is your favorite store? *Sigh* Ummm... Target, I guess. Target. AND Books-A-Million. I don't have a favorite... I guess Michael's will do. Smokey Mountain Knife Works! Would you rather... Would you rather buy a new book or re-read one? BUY one. Ugh. Re-read? Re-read. Buy a new one. Depends on which book it is. I would probably rather buy a new one... Would you rather spend money or save it? I ought to save, but I always spend... Half and half. Save it, I guess. Mom can buy it for me. :) I would rather save... Spending hurts. Would you rather go on vacation to the beach or the mountains? Mountains. If I was skinny, the beach. Both. Both. Mountains. Unless, the beach was rocky and the waves big with a nice cold wind. Would you rather play an instrument or listen to it? Practice is too hard. I'll just listen. Both. I dunno... Listening sounds so much better than my playing... Play, 'cause then, I can listen while I am playing. Would you rather be indoors our outdoors? Indoors if it's cold. Outdoors if it is reasonably warm. Inside if it is hot. Depends on the weather... I don't know... I like the outdoors... Outdoors. Would you rather have your room painted lime green or purple with pink dots? Purple with dark purple dots. Lime green. I really don't like those colors. Ugh. Would you rather live in a cave or in a tree house? … Probably a tree house. I don't like heights, and I don't like underground... :( But, I'd rather see the stars... Tree house. Tree house. Tree house!! I can't stand underground... dank... dark... no sky... *Shudders* Would you rather have a cat or a dog? Cat. If it is lovey. Cat. Cat. Cat! Would you rather host a get-together or go to one? Host. Host. Host. Let's see... Host! About you! Do you have any siblings? Uh... yeah... One. Yup. Twee. Thwee. Yup. Four. Wait... three. How many times have you moved in your life? Yes, twice. Once. Nope. No, not yet. How long have you been a Christian? Twenty-six years. Eleven years, I think. Eleven years. Maybe. Less than a year. Totally random Christmas or Thanksgiving? Christmas. Christmas. Both! Christmas. Words or pictures? Words if I could remember them, and pictures because I am visual. Pictures. Both. Words with pictures. Iguanas or turtles? Eewww... Turtles. ^.^ Neither... Iguana. Randomness or sense? Sense. I am CDO. It's OCD, but the letters are in order. Randomness. I really sort of go in spurts of randomness... Sense. Books or magazines? Eh, half and half. Books. Depends on the book and depends on the magazine. Definitely books. Summer days or winter nights? Summer days outside, winter nights by the fire. Same as Mom. Both. I like them both in their own time, but I like winter nights. Screaming monkeys or running bears? Running bears. Running bears. Neither. Running bears, no question. Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? I don't know. Never heard of 'em. (She's kidding.) I like Pride and Prejudice, but not Sense and Sensibility... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I guess Jane Austin... Probably Austin. Scotland or Ireland? Ireland. Wait... *confused expression* What's the difference? Ireland, but I love both accents. Ireland. Scotland, just 'cause everyone says Ireland.

Running or walking? Running if I could. Walking if I could. Mmm... I don't know. Walking I suppose. If we are playing a game, I would rather run. Depends on whether or not I am being chased by rabid bunny rabbits. If not, walking. I am only dangerous at short distances.

We tag the Thomas Funny Farm!!!

Winter Weather!

Winter is nearly here! This is the earliest snow we've had in years! 'Course it didn't cover the ground entirely... but it was beautiful anyway! Here is a gorgeous sunset (taken before the snow, but I had to put it in just because). This pic was taken from our driveway.
And this is our luverly creek, complete with running water! (Over the summer it was dreadfully dry)
This is the other side of the creek.
Oh, and I love this one! This is a piece of glass set on top of a bird bath for lack of a better spot. I drew the heart. *beams*
I was feeding Comet and had taken the camera with me. Notice the flakes of snow!
This is the backside of our house. You can see the sun trying to shine through.
Ah, and this is the trampoline. It had a good, thick layer on top.
This scene was taken from the front porch.
As was this...
I love the winter weather! (AslongasI'mbythefirewithmyblanketandagoodbook.) I don't like being cold...
I hope your Christmas season is full of blessings! Please do not forget the true reason of the season!!! Merry Christmas! (more pics coming soon)