Creation Museum! *rawr*

We went to the Creation Museum! It was incredible, beyond words. The museum definitely encourages you to really know what you believe. It helps you to have a better understanding of who God is and how to really appreciate and enjoy His creation. If you ever get a chance to go -- GO! It really is worth it. =] The museum is located on the Ohio/Kentucky border. It took us about 5 hours to get there. This pic is at the entrance. Behold, the mighty, iron DINO! He guards the outdoor restrooms... or terrorizes more likely...
The grounds of the museum are stunningly beautiful!
Spidey's web covered in morning dew.
More of the grounds and gardens.
There's Ma and Ju way ov'r thar! *waves*
This is a ginko tree.
The ginko tree's ginko leaves in a close-up view of the ginko. "What? I like saying ginko." *shrugs at her sister and continues narrative*"Is this water sanitary? It looks questionable to me." -Tantor, Tarzan

Life-like imitations of creatures and humans.
Longneck is hungry. This big guy moves his head, mouth, and tail.
This little guy is posing for you. He's got style. =]
Green suits you, my chameleon friend.
This is an actual fossilized bone. We were allowed to touch it. It felt like stone. I made a rhyme!
These life-like creations were made by the same people as those that did the Jurassic Park films. Neat, huh? =] Scary, too...
Here's Paul the Apostle.
These nice-looking gentlemen are Isaiah the Prophet (left) and Moses the Lawgiver.
And this, is King David the Psalmist.
I thought this was neat.
These next few pics are in the Garden of Eden section. These are the exotic horses/donkies... All of the many kinds of horses and other horse-like animals came from the same creature. It's kinda cool to imagine what the first creature looked like. Here's is the museum's version.

And, of course, dinosaurs! can't forget them. =] This one's eating what looks like an enormous pineapple.

This is the tree of life.another dino...
Ah, and this is their idea of a snake. Beware!
This is a section of the Ark. As you can see, they are in the process of building it.
Some of the workers...
This is Noah and one of the workers. Many of the people are mechanical. They can speak, moving their mouths and hands. This is probably what the women would be doing in preparation for a long journey.
Wooden model of the Ark.
Another model of the Ark, complete with tiny animals and people.
Throughout the tour, there was a theme. The 7 C's in God Eternal Plan.
Displayed, is a handmade quilt with the 7 C's.
This is the model of the Ark after the floodwaters receded. Very detailed, it even had barnacles on the hull.
Noah and his family worshipping God after the Flood.
This is a mural of a floating forest. It was very interesting. You notice that the ground is made up of the roots of the plants and trees.
There was a Babylonian section with this waterfall inside. I thought it was pretty. =3
This is in the Dragon's Den.


This particular creature's name, which I cannot remember and cannot possibly spell, means "ostrich mimic." Can you see why?
Aha! an actual fossil footprint!The size of the velociraptors in the movies Jurassic Park were actually 3 times larger than the fossils. They were also portrayed as more intelligent than they really were. They were the scavangers of the earth.
I love this painting!Ah, we arrive at the Dragon Hall Bookstore. "Looove it!"This is carving on the wall in the bookstore.
"Sir! I challenge thee!" This knight was above the door as you left.
I love this dragon. I think he's my favorite out of the whole museum. =] He's guarding a section of books.
And now, we travel back to the gardens. This is the floating bridge. I didn't really like it... I feel very strongly that bridges shouldn't move, they should be stable. Especially those that are suspended over great heights. =]
Many of the flowers and foliage had plaques giving their name as well as the scientific name. I'm not sure what this one is. Just thought it was pretty. I think Ju said it was in the mint family. The stem is square.
This is either an elephant plant or a banana plant, again not sure, there weren't any bananas...
This is the suspension bridge. It wasn't very high over the stream, but still....
One of the many ponds complete wif a waterfall.
"Daddy? can we have one of these in our backyard?" *the father gives children a you-can-do-it-yourself look*
"Poppy, how many times do we have to tell you to behave?"
The parents... Dad had to take off his Ford camo cap, didn't really fit the picture. =D
The white alpaca wanted all of the attention. You could tell they had been fed often. Check out the brown one's haircut. There was another alpaca but he didn't want his pic taken. If anyone wants to know, there is a difference between llamas and alpacas. Llamas are larger than their alpaca cousins, whose soft wool is used to make blankets, clothing, etc...
Here's the donkey, he's a little shy. Reminds me of Eeyore.At last, we come to the zonkeys and zorses! This is a zonkey, I think... a cross between a zebra and a donkey. His tale is more like a donkey.
And this is a zorse, a cross between a zebra and a horse. Notice her tale is more like a horse. I love the stripes! You've heard that it is wrong to cross breed animals, right? Well, since horses, zebras, and donkeys originate from the same breed, there is nothing wrong with it in this case. Now a mixing two such animals as a cat and dog is an entirely different story... Not what God's law says.Here's the little goat. Besides this fat, little fella, there were sheep, rams, a rabbit, angora bunnies, and something called a coatimundi. It was sooo cute! It sat on the trainer's shoulder. Alas, because of the cages and pens, we couldn't get a clear enough pic. You can google it, though.
Wallaby! There's two of them, the other is taking a nap off to the left, you can't see him.
There were camel rides, but we had to come on the day Gomer (that's the camel's name) was resting. He's sitting down, just in case you were wondering. Ah, and this is a video of the mechanical velociraptor. He looks just like the ones in Jurassic Park. He's standing over his prey and warning you off with growls and snarls. Sadly, our camera was not able to capture the sounds, so I guess you'll just have to imagine.