Indian Boundary

Beautiful clouds, aren't they? Just by looking at them you wouldn't suspect tire trouble, would you? Well, that's just what we had. =] Finally, after almost two weeks I give you the pics from our camping trip! As I mentioned previously, we had a blowout which took almost 4-6 hours. But all in all, it was a good vacation. Enjoy! We lost the lid of a box, too, but it was recovered by some distant neighbors and returned. =] here's the ladies of the family watching one of the men of the family work. =D
Here's the other man of the family walking back from cleaning the road of the debris.
The tire was completely busted. It bent the fender, too.
The nuisance. =P
The crew of the White Pearl and its cargo.
Trying to decide what to do.
Eventually, we loaded everything onto and into the van and Poppy's truck. The ladies drove ahead to stake out a camp site while the men waited at the trailer. The trailer was taken to be fitted for new tires and returned to us a couple days later.

Here's the overloaded Pearl.
The backseat was filled to burst. JP and Ju sat in the chairs while I was on a cooler in the middle. Ma and Grandmommy were up front, acting as Captain and first-mate. =] "Argh, maties! Overloaded vessel coming thru!"
At the campsite... Our friend the stickbug, or walking stick
*giggles* My marshmallow doesn't look so good, does he? "Medic!"
Say cheese! Check out JP and Ju's expressions. O.o
This is for the 3 sisters in AZ from the 3 sisters in TN! wif luv ^_^ This is Solomon's Seal.
Some cool, swirly, evergreen kind of groundcover that Ma likes
Walking around the lake
The leaders, JP and Poppy
The grandparents. "Be nice, Poppy." =D
Breathtaking views
This is me, looking for pretty pebbles
OOOoooo... AHHHHhhhhhh...
JP sketching a masterpiece
Oh, it sooo pretty!
Beautiful mountain trail
JP say "Cheez!"
Paw relaxing in the hammock
Tea time! the redish colored is a tangerine flavored tea and the other is green tea. I prefer green tea to the tangerine flavor.
This pic is of the other side of the dam
Here's the dam
Jamin in the brand-new pavilion, doin' wheelies
Ah, this is my bike. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture and keep your balance on a mountain trail? =]
*laughs* these three trees tell a story. Earlier, on our walk around the lake, Poppy and JP almost walked right onto a snake! I grabbed their shirts and pulled them back. The snake slithered off and the pics didn't make it here... Not sure what kind of snake, I thought it had a rattler... It was brown with some weird kind of pattern and spots. Anyway, back to the trees, a little bit later Mom, Dad, and Grandmommy were lagging behind looking at flowers and fungus and such. I jumped out from behind this tree and scared them!! Ma and Grandmommy's expressions were hilarious! I turned and ran to join Poppy, JP, and Ju, who were laughing on up the trail. Alas, no pics of that event. Good times.
Wild, exotic berry/fruit something
Pretty in pink

Ma and clan
Pa and clan
Horse tree
Mossy stump

More of the mountain trail
Jewel weed, or what I like to call Big-mouth Bass
There is fungus among-us!

Rays of sunshine
Beautiful mountain sunset
"Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset!"

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