What's For Dinner?

What do you when you want hot dogs and don't want to go outside to the fire pit to roast them???  You roast them over the fire in the house!  How fun!  My wonderful husband sat close to the HOT fire and roasted our dogs. :)

Thank you hubby!  We had fun having such a simple meal!  I love to make adventures out of the simplest things, or if they seem chaotic or difficult, think of it as an adventure, one that may not happen again and make some memories.

What is a difficult situation you have had that you could have made into an adventure and had wonderful memories?

What is a different way your family has had dinner? A picnic on the floor?  On the front porch?  Out back?  Let me know...

"A joyful heart is good medicine,
But a broken spirit dries up the bones."
Proverbs 17:22

Always Experiencing Him,

A Cold Day

Our day began with temperatures in the 20's, so this is what you do for lunch when you still haven't turned your heat on, and heating with only the fire place.  You bring the card table and chairs in front of the fire and eat!  So much fun!  So many little adventures to be thankful for!  What a joyous day!  Even the cat likes being by the fire...

Sarah made spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch and, boy, was it good!  All warm and cozy and food, what could be better?!

What do you do to stay warm?  Blankets? Yes! Fires? Yes! Extra layers? Yes! Fuzzy Socks? Yes! That too!

It warmed up to the 40's so we didn't stay here all day, just in between daily happenings.

What is your temperature where you are?

Always Experiencing Him,