40th Birthdays in TN

Here in TN we always do something special for special birthdays - like the 40th one for the mother of the 4 wonderful children. We vaccinated our 2 herds of cattle with family and friends. It's always a great time with lots of help.
Here JP is ready to catch one of the cows.
The Grandmommy and a couple grandkids are readying the medicine for this group of cows.
We had a special friend helping give the actual shots, it's harder than it sounds. Everyone has their designated job. Poppy helping give instructions.
The dad of the group and an apprentice and friend just brought some into the head gate area.
Here is AB, our Pastor's son giving the vaccinations. Great guy!
Juju administering the wormer. You put it along their spine.
The b-day mom halfway in the picture putting on the wormer as the dad and AB work with the calves.
We are finished and are taking them back to the pasture. Everyone still has jobs to make sure they get through the gates.
Walking back towards the barn.

Then, when we are finished we gathered for lunch. Everyone was ready to eat after a hard morning's work. Ummmm ummm good, and restful.

Still munching and visiting, this is always fun to draw from everyone else's experiences and stories, some serious and most funny. It's always a great time.

Yep, time for a snooze, albeit a short one.

Then, I received a BIG, beautiful bag from my sis and fam. Thanks guys!!! I cna even carry my graduating Sari in it, maybe.

No, a wee bit too heavy, but certainly big enough.