The Woods & Forests of Simpson-Dake Haven

There are soooo many beautiful pictures, it was very hard to choose, that's why you get to see several this time. Here are a variety of scenes we saw while we were on our walk checking out the tree stand. It was also so nice to be out as a family, walking, talking (quietly so we didn't scare any deer), and simply taking in the fall air and the beauty of God's creation. The hay shed from above. Breathtaking views.

Cool cup. It's amazing what you find in the outdoors if you look closely.
Green, soft rug, simply beautiful. Ok, overuse of the word. Try to find something different.
Green, yellow, orange, who else could do something like this, other than a Creator unmatched in all His skills.
The kids call this their umbrella tree. We cannot figure out what it is, still looking, but it is very dense, and in the next pic you'll see how it umbrellas out, hence their name for it.

Look up, you get new perspectives on life.

Sari and Comet, too sweet.
Sitting in the stand as we take the stand to stand the stand up. Redundant? Yeah. OK, won't do that again, even drives me crazy.
The kids are taking French, lo, and behold we came upon a French shroom. How 'bout that? Cute, isn't he?

Tree Stand

"A wise son makes a father glad." Prov. 15:20 Here was a special project just for father and son. This wise son has learned some great skills he always will be able to use. They worked all day building this tree stand for the fall. We have seen deer almost daily behind us, including several 4 points and a 6 point, so that means they will be scarce when they are in the stand. :) Nevertheless, they had a good time working with wood and tools. Here are some pics of the finished product.
All the kids had fun being 12 ft. off the ground. Getting there was a little scary. Sari didn't want to stand up. She must be like her mother who hasn't even braved going all the way up. Yikes!
Sari trying to be brave. At least she's up there. That's more than I can say for myself.
Tree stand full of shoes.Shoes and faces. =) A pic from above. The woods were awesome and filled with God's glory and His creation. The colors were unbelievable. Isaiah 5:3 "The whole earth is full of His glory"


Funny pic =D
Rainy day at the dock. =] Beautiful, just beautiful!
Really weird fungus...
Say, "Cheese!"
This pic was taken on the bike trail.
Isn't this pretty? Beautiful mountains!
Weird coral mushroom... *screams* THERE'S FUNGUS AMONG-US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilderness at the Smokies

We went to a brand new hotel, Wilderness at the Smokies! It has 3 large waterparks, 1 indoor, and two outdoor. One of the outdoors has a lazy river and a wave pool. This is in the indoor park, it was sooo much fun!!! I'll explain about the bucket below, in the next couple pics. Here's J-Dawg on the Surf Rider. Boogie on down, brother! ^_^
This is the biggest, HOOGEST, waterslide, that we've ever been on!! It was terrifying and fully awesome at the same time! The float can hold up to four people. Sari looks like she passed out... O.o
This is the indoor wave pool. Fully AWESOME!!! If you caught the wave just right, you could ride it in. That's J-Dawg and Ju out there.
This is one of the outdoor parks. Notice the slides. =]Pose for the pic, dahlings!
Here we are playing water basketball. I'll tell you, it is really hard to dribble in the water. ^_^
Oo, I love this pic. There is a HUGE bucket that holds 1000 gallons of water and dumps it ALL every few minutes. The force could knock a little kid down...
little water fall... good massage. Ahhh..... -.-

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Musicians for the Lord

Psalm 150:3-6 says,"Praise Him with trumpet sound; Praise Him with harp and lyre. Praise Him with timbrel and dancing; Praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe. Praise Him with loud cymbals; Praise Him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord! Sari praising Him with strings. She also plays around on the piano. JP praising Him on the piano. JP plays with the Irish tin whistle also.
Juju praising Him with the dulcimer. She plays just about anything else she can get her hands on.
Waiting for pics of the J picking and strumming his guitars for the Lord, including the acoustic, electric and the bass.
They all play around on the synthesizer and the auto harp. We absolutely LOVE music! Our dining room has turned into the music room. All genres are great! Juju even had her turn playing a pipe organ, WOW!!!! So cool!!!

The Calm After the Storm

We had a pretty rough storm come through, with winds around 40 mph. These pics are just after the winds and rain. We stayed on the porch watching till we began to get wet and blown away. We LOVE watching the storms as they arrive. It's just one more way to see God's amazing works. The giant cloud looks like God is pulling back a curtain revealing a beautiful blue sky just after the storm. Isn't that like God, maybe taking us through a storm, but it doesn't last. He eventually reveals something amazing at the end. And usually it is beautiful!

Fun Times

Walkovers and yoga balls-must be kin to cats. Squishing-not breathing
Dulcimer playing/Bible reading
Outdoor Challenge-the longer she went, the more clothes she shed.
Turkeys in control of road-about 80+