Christmas morning, opening presents Still opening gifts
Cool vest
Pretty angel for a princess
Books, of course, always a must

Christmas at Poppy and Grandmommy's

The reading of the Christmas Story with an accompanist softly playing in the background. Absolutely beautiful. Oooooh, pwetty.
The shirt speaks for itself. :)
Such a beautiful face.
Fun! More sharp, pointy objects!
Coveralls for all the farm work More, sharp, pointy objects
Opening presents is fun, fun, fun!
Yeah! A new flashlight! Cool LEDs!
Opening more gifts Lovely picture frame
Poppy with his beloved RFD TV cap and reading the magazine
Beautiful cabin plates and platters
Anxiously awaiting presents Oh, joy! Studying for Dr. Ed. permit
Nice looking vest and shirt Fun boots for grandmommy! A little down time

Christmas with the cousins

Having some close cousin time Always fun with the cousinsEnjoying some guitar and dulcimer music

A Rainy Day

Just some pics of our rainy day on the farm.
Comet getting another shower.
Very foggy on top of the ridge. The cows don't seem to mind the rain too much.
The mom fervently working on the blog her psychotic sister set up for her. Now she has to keep it up. Great!! :)

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever - the kids have had some good times at the grandmommy and poppy's cabin. They try to spend the night there once a month. They read old comic books, work puzzles, lay around, play cards and games, and just read and draw. Grandmommy working on breakfast.
Build a bears at the cabin-they're having sooo much fun!
Poppy taking a break from work and kids.
Eating popcorn and spending some good ol' time together.

Wild Turkeys

We have had around 80 wild turkeys on the farm these past several days, and they roam from one side of the farm to the other. Pretty cool, huh? These are right outside our back door.
This time they are at the cabin and all in the yard. I couldn't get a good pic of them in the yard, but they were also all around the calf feeders. They are just everywhere, of course, it isn't turkey season, I believe they have an internal calendar that tells them when to go hide. :)

Build a Bear Christmas

It looks like we have enough BABs, but divide them by 4 and they add up quickly. They have soooo much fun with them. This year Unky, Auntie, and little cousins got them BAB gift cards, so we had more fun. They generally stay on the stairs, and they change their clothes periodically.
The 1st step has Sari's BABs, JP has white kitty (didn't know she only had one, she has clothes, but may need to get another later), the next 2 are Juju's and the top step has J-dawg's.
Juju cuddling with some BABs

Tour of Homes

It so pwetty... The big family everything tree with build-a bears dressed for the holidays on the stairs Purple and silver master bedroom tree - I love purple! Kitchen garland and more lights More white lights and tulle for the goodies *Yum* Dining room with our glorious music tree My favorite! Notice our wonderful instruments
"Doe a deer a female deer, Ray a -
... Oops, heheheh..." *sneaks away*
More garland and lights and ribbon
One can't have too much :) Annnnnd more garland and lights
and trees - We Looooove Christmas!!!!