Tour of Homes

It so pwetty... The big family everything tree with build-a bears dressed for the holidays on the stairs Purple and silver master bedroom tree - I love purple! Kitchen garland and more lights More white lights and tulle for the goodies *Yum* Dining room with our glorious music tree My favorite! Notice our wonderful instruments
"Doe a deer a female deer, Ray a -
... Oops, heheheh..." *sneaks away*
More garland and lights and ribbon
One can't have too much :) Annnnnd more garland and lights
and trees - We Looooove Christmas!!!!

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ThomasFunnyFarm said...

Its about doggone time you finally put up some pics. Where are the pics of the recital? And birthday? Come on. I NEED to be updated. Love you guys. The house looks great. THanks for updating this much. Love you all.