Tree Stand

"A wise son makes a father glad." Prov. 15:20 Here was a special project just for father and son. This wise son has learned some great skills he always will be able to use. They worked all day building this tree stand for the fall. We have seen deer almost daily behind us, including several 4 points and a 6 point, so that means they will be scarce when they are in the stand. :) Nevertheless, they had a good time working with wood and tools. Here are some pics of the finished product.
All the kids had fun being 12 ft. off the ground. Getting there was a little scary. Sari didn't want to stand up. She must be like her mother who hasn't even braved going all the way up. Yikes!
Sari trying to be brave. At least she's up there. That's more than I can say for myself.
Tree stand full of shoes.Shoes and faces. =) A pic from above. The woods were awesome and filled with God's glory and His creation. The colors were unbelievable. Isaiah 5:3 "The whole earth is full of His glory"

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