Outrageously Hilarious!!! =D

I just had to share these pics! And, believe me, there's more where these come from. The pics below are taken from a website, icanhascheezburger.com, that allows people to take pictures and add captions, resulting in hilarious (and sometimes cute) images. There are several branches of I Can Has, such as: dailysquee.com (cute pics of baby animals, usually), icanhashotdog.com (captioned pics of dogs), and many others. Enjoy! This kitteh is all tuckered out. Awww... =3 *giggles* So adorable!
I love the cat's expression!
"Helloooo, down there!"
I love this one! Grumpy panda ^_^
Again, I love the expression! Such a cute kitteh!!
Okay, let me explain this one... White cats are ceiling cats and black cats are basement cats. See if you can figure this one out... =]
Not sure what kind of puppy this is... I think it's a puppy... =D
Love the pleased grin!
Oh my GOODNESS!!!! This one is one of my FAVORITES! I laugh every single time.
Hoof bump. Can't say much more 'bout this one. =]
The most CUTEST puppy ever!
The most CUTEST kitteh ever! Look at those eyes!
He's all floof. I love floof. ^-^
Below, is another favorite =3Praying otter. Not sure what he's praying for, probably fish... ><>
Did I mention we love otters? Well, we do, especially this one.
Tiny turdle wif his raspberry ^-^
Thanks for letting me share!

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Ashlin said...

LOL! Those were so cute! I love icanhascheezburger! The crazy cat is my favorite! Too funny!=D