The Cove

Hello! I know its been a week or so since I've updated the blog, I apologize. So, here is the pictures of the Cove where the Billy Graham Training Center is located. We took a tour of this when we went to the Biltmore. Below, is the steeple, which is about 87 ft long. 87 feet! The cross is about 8 ft of the full 87. The builders wanted it to be seen from the road, obviously. =] The door is made of walnut and we were told that no nails whatsoever was used to put it together.
This pic is taken from inside the prayer room. I'll explain this in a moment.
This is the prayer room. The cushions on the table and floor is for your elbows and knees. Mrs. Graham, who designed most of the interior of the chapel, wanted a "place to put her bony elbows."
This is also in the prayer room, as is the next pic.
This is the sanctuary. It was brought to our attention that everything points up to God, including the chairs, windows, chandeliers, etc. The pulpit is over 400 years old. The pews are over 200 years old and were taken from a school for blind children.
We got a chance to play and sing. Here is Ju on the piano.
Now this is an interesting story. =] The women who made all the chandeliers and the sconces on the walls was an opera singer turned blacksmith. Strange, huh? Never heard that one before. =] Notice the blooms, the are dogwood blossoms.
The sconces are based off of the jack-in-pulpit wildflower.
The outside of the chapel. Beautiful! Love the wilderness!!

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