Ready for a fashion show? Allow me to present a dress made by the one and only JP! Cute, isn't it? No actual design, she pieced it together in about 4 different sections. Below, you can see the detail of the top... The back of the dress is a low scoop, for lack of better word; and as you can see she wears a black tank to complete the masterpiece. =]
And here, the skirt. Neat little pattern, don't you think?
Aha! Here is me in my birthday dress. It didn't look like that when purchased. A friend of my grandmother's made a few minor adjustments to it, including the straps and belt.
Here you can better see the straps, which were constructed from the belt, and the belt, using what was left, conviently velcroed in the back.

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Nightingale said...

Very cute! I love what you did with the dresses! ;) You both look lovely!