Winter Weather!

Winter is nearly here! This is the earliest snow we've had in years! 'Course it didn't cover the ground entirely... but it was beautiful anyway! Here is a gorgeous sunset (taken before the snow, but I had to put it in just because). This pic was taken from our driveway.
And this is our luverly creek, complete with running water! (Over the summer it was dreadfully dry)
This is the other side of the creek.
Oh, and I love this one! This is a piece of glass set on top of a bird bath for lack of a better spot. I drew the heart. *beams*
I was feeding Comet and had taken the camera with me. Notice the flakes of snow!
This is the backside of our house. You can see the sun trying to shine through.
Ah, and this is the trampoline. It had a good, thick layer on top.
This scene was taken from the front porch.
As was this...
I love the winter weather! (AslongasI'mbythefirewithmyblanketandagoodbook.) I don't like being cold...
I hope your Christmas season is full of blessings! Please do not forget the true reason of the season!!! Merry Christmas! (more pics coming soon)


Ashlin said...

Great pics Sara! Thanks for another post.^_^ I'm glad you got some snow!

ThomasFunnyFarm said...

Hey, your mama said you tagged me or something like that. Didn't see anything about it.

And you stole my background. Theifery!!!!!!!

The heart is AMAZING!!!!! What talent. hehehehe

love y'all, miss ya,

Aunt J