Weekend of Paintin'

A couple weekends ago now, we repainted the dining room and kitchen from, as you can see, a yellow to this bold red. Ain't it purty? =3 This is the finished product. Below, is the dining room all decked out.

This is just two coats of paint. There's still a lot of touching up to do in this pic, but as you saw above, in the end it looks great. Here's my daddy putting on a second coat.
Ju-Ju is finishing the small and hard-to-reach places.
Finished first coat, looks pretty rough...

Here's Ma rollin'. =]
This is the kitchen all piled up with the stuff from the china cabinet. Look at all the stuff!
Kitchen with the trim started.
Aww, that's luverly.
This is the dining room, first coat.

Starting on the dining room...

Here's Dad putting the first of the paint.
And here's JP taping.
This is the kitchen before.
Ma's removing the border. Note to self and anybody else who's reading this, don't ever, EVER use wallpaper or border. EVER.
Ju's wiping free the doorways of dust. =]
Here's me cleaning the baseboards. =P
And JP.
Dining room, before.

Dining room with border.

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Ashlin said...

Thanks for posting those pictures. I'm sure you all love eating in your pretty dining room. It looks great!

I also like your winter blog backround!