Moar Funny Fotoes 'n Capshuns!!! =3

Hello, everyone! I know, it's been awhile but I've finally updated!!! Behold! I bring you moar capshuned fotoes!! ^-^ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Awww.... Baby bun-bun!
Sweet-eyed spotty
Serious birdy is serious. =P
*laughs* Trashcat!
Ooo, handsome dawg.
Such a pretty kitteh, keep waiting, he'll come!
His face says it all. =P
This is one of my favorites! I love his expression -_-
I love this kitteh's expression as well. Eeevill...
Owls, I really do like owls.
Leopard gecho haz a happy. :D
More owls! I did not caption these, by the way. On an earlier post, I explained that these pics are from
Field mouse in her house.
Aww, he fall down...
The bun-bun is so round =]
He looks like he's been there awhile...
It's Rufus!
Okay, this is one of my ULTIMATE favorites. It goes right beside the Crazy cat =D
Frog on shroom. Hey, it's flamingos making a image of themselves
Random pic, but I had to put it on. Such pretty eyes...
*bursts out laughing* Oh, that gets me every time! This is another of the ULTIMATES.
Carmina BuranOWL, singing Carmina Burana. 'o'
Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Sari =)

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Nightingale said...

CUTE!! Thanks for posting more of those funny pictures! ;) I love all the owls! And who knew Rufus was so vicious? =D

Risa <3