Family Home!

My sister and her family arrived home for a 6 week visit from Arizona late one evening, and we met them down at the cabin for welcome home hugs and smiles.

Here is Big J hugging Grandmommy.

Poppy hugging Big K, and Little J getting kisses from Grandmommy, with Sable our barn cat saying hello as well.

My sister seeing Mom after a long trip and Dad is all smiles.

Hugs and more hugs!

Dad and daughter, and Mom getting hugs from her son-in-law and seeing Baby K.  Baby K is my nephew who I have written about that has Type 1 diabetes.

Almost the whole gang!

Our 1st meal at mom's with everyone.  Gathering outside to eat on the tables and porch, where we can wave at all who drive by.  That is what you do in the country, and if someone does NOT wave, we know they are not from around here, or at least haven't been here long. *grin*  So, if you ever happen to be driving by, be sure to throw up a hand and wave! =)

Jamin and Baby J

This is yet another day.  We set up our screen house for a Memorial Day dinner and it has been up ever since.  It has been soooooo nice to have a shade out back to go sit and eat or whatever.
Cousins who ate with us and visiting with My sister's family.

My sis is really not mad, but she does have "a look," doesn't she?  *Heehee*

Cousin W with Julia and Steve.

Trampoline fun with cousins!

We even played a bit of softball.  Dad still has it; he loves softball.


Brother-in-law K gets in the game with Big K cheering him on. 

It was easier hitting it into the field this way than over the fence the way we usually play.  We didn't run bases this time, just batting practice.

Cousin R takes a swing.  Nice hit!

Dad, and friend K in the outfield, literally, and Cousin S pitching.

Welcome Home family!!!

Ok, our internet has been super moody lately, so I've been having trouble trying to get anything for you to see, and I just really don't like having to go somewhere else to work on it, but I may have to soon.  I'm going to try to get more pics up soon, because there has been so much going on.

I know my sis has some friends who are really wanting to see some of their family on the farm, so hopefully this little mi-fi will pick up a bit better in a day or two.

Thanks for being patient with us!
Always Experiencing Him,


Wendy said...

Jody - Thank you SO MUCH for posting pictures this past week! It was a joy to see my good bud at home with her family in TN on the farm - how much better can it get than that?! One day we hope to get there too & enjoy the farm & the Simpson clan. We've been blessed to meet 2 of your daughters and hope to meet you & the rest of your family some day. May the Lord bless the rest of your time with your sweet sister & her fam! (And I enjoyed the "mad" looking picture of Jana) :oD tee hee ~Wendy :o)

Jody said...

You are so very welcome! It would be wonderful to meet you as well! We have heard lots! Have a blessed day! (I liked that pic too! =0 )
Always Experiencing Him,