Week 2 - Advent - Coming

"Worry is belief gone wrong.  Because you don't believe that God will get it right."  
                       Oh, that hits the gut like the biggest punch could.  Do I really believe?  Really believe that God can get all things right?  
"Peace is belief that exhales."  The sigh of relief when there is peace...peace knowing "God gives God."  I will provide a way.
                     I will provide grace for the gaps.
                             I will provide Me."
"That is the gift God always ultimately gives.  Because nothing is greater and we have no greater need, God gives God.
Unwrap the greatest Gift with our time: time in His Word,
                                                  time in His presence,
                                                        time at His feet."
                                                                                    (Day 7 - The Greatest Gift)
God gives God - just the thought opens my eyes wider than ever.  God gave His only Son, Jesus, but God gave God?  God gave Himself.  Yes, Ann Voskamp continues to teach and intrigue me with her wisdom and words.  
God gave Jesus.  God gave God.  God gave Himself.  
Sometimes we overlook the simplicity of God.  Love.Just.This.

"Surely the Lord is in this place, and I wasn't even aware of it!
Genesis 28:16
God.gave.God, He gave Himself, not ONLY His only Son, but entirely Himself.  What have I to give but my-self...

Do we profane the Holy name of God when we think we can make it on our own, when we say 'Here I am,' and withhold from Him?  When He says to obey and we think we can control our lives better?  Better?  Better than the God who GAVE ALL, 
All to Him we owe, yes, ALL.TO.HIM.WE.OWE.

Ann writes, "Why profane His coming with fleshly performances, frantic pushing, futile preoccupations?"
                    "Profanity, writes Elisabeth Elliott, is 'treating as meaningless that which is freighted with meaning.  Treating as common that which is hallowed.  Regarding as a mere triviality what is really a divine design.  Profanity is failure to see the inner mystery.'" (Day 8)

Today "Slow Christmas.  Set aside the to-do lists that profane the inner mysteries and slow to see the weight of glory in the moment at the sink - the divine design of a day that unfolds with a grace that is not to be missed.  The hallowed here.  Hurry always empties a soul...s l o w.     (Day 8)

In the rush of this season, slow.just.stop.  See the hallowed through all the hustle and bustle, give someone an extra smile, give an extra gift, not because you have to, but because you were given the best Gift that was ever given.  
           Give because He gave, 
                Love because He loved, 
                     Rest because He rested, 
                         Die to self because HE died to His self to give us The Greatest Gift.

How did you slow down today?

               Remember, GOD gave GOD...

Always Experiencing Him,

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