What is Love?

What is Love?
Where do we find our answers for life's questions?
Yes! God's Word!
Let's look at the "Love Chapter," 1 Cor. 13.
Rejoices with the truth
Bears all things
Believes all things
Hopes all things
Endures all things
Love is NOT
is NOT Jealous
Does NOT brag
is NOT Arrogant
does NOT Act unbecomingly
does NOT Seek its own - selfish
is NOT Provoked
does NOT Take into account a wrong suffered
does NOT Rejoice in unrighteousness
Love NEVER fails
Do I love? I mean, do I truly, really, honestly LOVE?
Lord, help me to be PATIENT, help me to be KIND,
help me to REJOICE in TRUTH, help me to BEAR ALL THINGS,
help me to BELIEVE ALL THINGS, help me to HOPE in ALL THINGS,
and guide me in ENDURING ALL THINGS.
AND, God, help me to NOT be jealous, to NOT brag,
oh, LORD, to NOT be arrogant, act unbecomingly,
or Lord, please, oh, please, help me to NOT be SELFISH!
You know my heart! OH, how I wish you didn't!
Help me to NOT be provoked, to NOT hold a grudge,
and NEVER to rejoice in unrighteousness.
And thank You, thank You, thank You that LOVE NEVER FAILS!!! You are good! You are God! When we love this Valentine's Day, and every day, let us love with God's love, let us use His precepts to love one another.
Amazingly His,
Thank you for gifts and blessings,
#106 for chapel services
#107 examples of love
#108 for quiet rest
#109 for sunshine
#110 a gentle breeze
#111 God's Word resting in my heart
#112 God's Word taking hold of my heart

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What does LOVE mean to you? I'd love to hear.

Always Experiencing Him,

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