Nephew's Life with Diabetes

What is life like for an infant diabetic?
Baby K is my ittlest nephew, and he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 8 months old.  I feel it had been coming on for a couple months before because there had been no weight gain, as a 6 and 7 month old should have had.  These are some pics when my sis and her family were in this past summer.  He was 4-5 months old, I believe.  Go over to my sister's blog to read "A Life in the Day of an Infant Diabetic."
Isn't he cute!



Me-Aunt Jody

My darlin' hubby - wish you could see Baby K's face too!

Grandmommy and Sarah


Even through trials like diabetes, we still look to the One who gives life and are blessed there is a treatment for Baby K and others to live a happy life.  Going through trials are hard, and my sister and her husband will have many and will walk together, but God promises to always be with them and us each step of the way, and In the Valley is where we find life!  And joy!  And where He makes us more like Christ Himself!  Blessings and gratefulness for you all!

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Always Experiencing Him,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I didn't even realize there was infant diabetes. I knew that many school age children were being diagnosed. He is an adorable baby! So beautiful!!!

Faith Family said...

Yes, their pancreas stops working for whatever reason, as well. A lot of the adults, and myself and my hubby are real close to type 2, which as a neighbor of ours describes it is a "self-inflicted type", where we have overworked our pancreas for so long from eating so unhealthily that our pancreas can't work as it is suppose to. We can control or fix ours with diet most of the time. But infants are much more serious and harder because they cannot tell you what they feel like, with words anyway. He is cute, isn't he?
Always Experiencing Him,

ThomasFunnyFarm said...

Hey! I know him! He is pretty cute. Thanks for the prayers and posts too! By God's grace, this day was a pretty good one! And by God's grace, we will get through the next days whether they are good or bad! Love you muchly,