A Walk on the Farm

Bluffview Spring Farm

When life seems to have you down, sometimes you just need a good walk on the farm.

Our children are the 5th generation being raised on our family's Century Farm.  There are close to 300 acres for us to roam.  That is alot to some and for others it is only a fraction of their farming operation.  It is simply perfect for us.  My parents are still farming the land and the beef cattle.  We help whenever they need a hand.

It is called Bluffview Spring Farm, because of the large Spring, and the overlooking bluffs.  The "pond" you see is not a pond and calling it a pond can be an irritant for my mother, because it is totally fed by underground springs, hence a Spring, not a pond.  So, here are some pictures of the spring, the amount of water coming out of the tile from the spring, the creek and the big barn at the dairy.  We do not have dairy cattle, but still use the dairy barn for many purposes.  Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed a bit of our farm.  Getting out for a walk can cure almost anything.  I think it is also seeing God's amazing creation which does the heart good, as well.  Thanks for letting me share a piece of where we live.

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Always Experiencing Him,

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