Faithful Fridays

When things break down, whether in our lives or in our homes, we must be diligent in repairing them.  Our dishwasher stopped working, and after washing many, many, dishes by hand, we finally bought a new one.  Our cat, Nala, thought she needed to help and supervise installation of the new appliance. 

On this "Faithful Friday," I'm sharing some pics of just another way God is always faithful in our everyday, seemingly mundane lives.  He is good, in all things, and we are ever thankful for His goodness and provisions.

Nala is making sure Dad is looking at the right part, while Jamin looks on to learn and help when needed.

We must look deep in our lives for those hidden sins, those deep within or lying underneath, and sometimes a close friend may need to help us see attitudes or a critical spirit that needs to be given to Him, who forgives, who can repair what hurts and is broken.

"Mom, maybe you oughta come check, but I think they've got it."
Wow!  I sure do like the looks of the new black dishwasher!

Like dirty dishes piled high in a sink, our sins begin piling one on top of another, until we are overwhelmed.  Only when we begin placing them one by one at the Savior's feet and He takes and washes us white as snow can we know the true forgiveness and love He has to offer.

Our dining room we began painting last year is finally getting completed!  The Dad and Jamin have been working very hard and the girls have helped some, but my men have great patience and have done a wonderful job on finishing up.

Ever hard at work!

What a mess!  Isn't it like our lives, we leave things unfinished, piled up, covered up, and in such disarray that it is hard to see what is important.  Once the fresh coat of paint dries, and the furniture of our lives are put back in order, can we finally see what God has been trying to show us all along.  We must come to Him, ask for His forgiveness and then, He makes all things new.  O, so thankful!

The last touches, making sure we give control, even of those things no one else may ever see, like underneath the window sill, but we know, and God knows are there.  We give all to Him, to paint His forgiveness over our lives, sometimes a second and sometimes a third coat is needed.  We come and He is ready for us to give Him the control to remodel  and restructure our lives.

"But now, O Lord, You are our Father,
We are the clay, and You our potter;
And all of us are the work of Your hand."
Isaiah 64:8

Forever Counting - Are you?  #1548-1584
new dishwasher
father & son installing together
washing down doors
checking my heart that needs scrubbed while cleaning
eating lunch outside
flowers in bloom
green tea with honey
another Lord's Day
this Good Friday
learning through fear
the breaking of His Body
Resurrection Sunday
waiting at orthodontist
good conversation
evening walk
daughters helping with MOPS
Easter lunch at park with friends
life on our beautiful farm
encouraging words
a new day
prayers for a healthy diet
prayers through anxieties
a quiet afternoon
4 new raised beds
clothes hanging fresh on the line
2 nights of frost
buckets covering new plants
His protective covering
son tilling the new earth
dad brought the black, rich earth for new beds from the fields
steaks defrosting
a new diet-for better health
green tea with honey in my "grateful for simple blessings" mug
steamed carrots and asparagus
fresh paint
His faithfulness
2 tame blackberry plants from neighbor

Always Experiencing Him,

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