Glorious Day

Oh, what a beautiful, glorious day today has been!

This is going to be a busy week, so check back and see what our farming days hold.

This morning we began in the garden, and I will have pictures of that very soon.  I just wanted to let you know there will be several posts this coming week.

The kids then took down an electric fence above "The Secret Garden," and put up the fence at a different place we call the bull lot, (where we use to keep bulls).  I didn't get pics of that.  Then, Jenny is finishing tetting the  hay in the "Big Field," yes, all the fields have names, while mom and dad are finishing mowing that field.

I'll explain a bit more when I get pictures.

The gorgeous pic above is where our farm gets its name, Bluffview Spring Farm.  The actual spring is at the bottom of the picture, and the water flows out in the creek at the top of the picture.  You are looking from part of the way up the bluff.  Simply beautiful!  And God created it all!  Yes, amazing!

I pray you have a wonderful week in our Lord and keep looking for updates of our work on the farm.

Always Experiencing Him,

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