Busy Busy Week

The beginning of our busy farming week began in the garden Monday morning.  You may have seen some similar pictures from my other gardening post, but that was the actual first planting.  We now need to weed, replant some things that didn't come up the first time and plant a second planting of corn and beans.  

Dad borrowed a small tractor and rotary tiller to till the garden.  You can cover more ground and it is easier than the tiller you walk through with.  It just cannot go in between the rows.  Julia began with the little John Deere.

Jenny is pouring the fertilizer on again.

Dad and Sarah are hoeing and raking, and actually making  more mounds to plant some seeds.

Hello Julia!

Mom (Grandmommy) giving her opinion.  Yep, I believe it's lookin' good.

Good job, Jamin, get all those weeds and help those onions to grow.

Jenny is starting to run the rotary tiller.

Julia was actually running with the fertilizer.  It was kinda funny.

Poppy and Grandmommy

Mom getting the seeder ready to plant more corn.

Dad and Mom still working hard, really hard.

Aren't they cute, plus leaving a hardworking legacy for the future generations to come.  Three generations working right here together, isn't it wonderful and such a blessing!  My children really do know what a blessing it is.

Sarah with the garden tiller.

Dad and Jen

Mom replanting corn.

Julia with the tiller, getting all the weeds between the potato plants.

The garden is ready for a few days, now we wait for more weeds, which by the way, reminds me of the curse in The Garden of Eden, that was brought on by The Fall, so while we are weeding I am constantly reminded of my sin, and by God's grace He has provided a way for us to be Redeemed.  We praise Him that He did not leave us in our sin but gave us His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our, for MY sin so I can be delivered by His wonderful mercy and grace.

A side note, I DID actually help!  I took the pics so none of me, which I do not care for anyway, but didn't want you to think I did NOTHING!  *grin*

Ok, this has been a quick post, and I do not like having mistakes and grammar or spelling errors, so if you find them, please give grace, and I will strive to do better when given more time.  We are off to the hay field and have spent the morning getting rid of some honey bees in a barn.  That may be the next post, along with our hay adventures.  Have a wonderful day in the Lord.

So much to be thankful for!!!

Always Experiencing Him,


Jorie said...

lots of hard work! but what a beautiful picture of generations working side by side. What a blessing.

Faith Family said...

Thank you. Our prayer is that our girls will be prepared to help fulfill their future husbands' vision whether it be farming, gardening, in an office, or in ministry, and that Jamin will be prepared from working and learning with previous generations to care and provide for his future family, all along being obedient to what God's desire is for each of them and us, and continually teaching His Word to the future generations.
Always Experiencing Him,