More Hay Photos?

What?  More hay photos?

Since all the posts about the hayfield, Dad and Mom have now mowed around 75 more acres.  Dad did get one field baled before the rain came, but now the girls and Jamin are going to have to tett the hay before it is raked and baled.  (Side note about the spelling and usage of tett or teddering the hay-I tried to use the correct way for those who do not know but we always say "tett" or "tetting" hay, so if you see it both ways forgive, it is our country way-the proper way is tedder or teddering the hay-I think *grin*). 

I really liked how the light came through the door in the loft of the barn, hence more hay pics.

HE IS the "light of the world."
HE IS the "light of life."
HE IS the "true light."
HE IS "light."

Be ever grateful for this another day in our Lord.
Another day to love and trust.
Another day to lean not on our own understanding.
Another day.
Yes, thank you Lord for another day!
Encourage and lift someone up on this, another day!
Praise and blessing and glory and honor to the ONE who saves!

Always Experiencing Him,

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