Hayfield Part 2

After the hay is mowed down, it must dry for awhile, sometimes only a day if the sun is out.  The next step will be tedding the hay.  The hay tedder goes through a windrow, flips the hay, getting it off the ground and spreading it out so it can dry quicker.  We did not always have a tedder and it took a couple days or so for the hay to dry out; this speeds up the process, and if rain is in the forecast we are able to get it up before it gets wet.

Jamin is tedding the hay in the big field while we were still gardening on Monday.  We can begin tedding around 10 in the mornings. He is on Dad's H Farmall.

Jenny took Jamin's place tedding with the H.

Hi!  Having fun in the field!

See how it flips the hay; it looks like it puts all the windrows together when it spreads out.

Here's a good pic of Dad's faithful H, a 1946 model, the same model as my mom and dad.  =)  My grandmother always used that term in telling people how old she was.  She would say she was a 1915 model.  I loved it.

In the next 2 pictures you can see the difference in what was mowed and where the tedder had been.

I had hoped to have the pics of raking hay on this same post, but I am having to find them from Sarah's computer, so there will be a couple more posts to finish our hayfield.  Hope you are enjoying farming with us.

Here's some pictures of what we had to let go while we were very busy in and out.

I know this isn't really Mt. Washmore like we have had, but it had backed up a bit, and we have to stay on top and conquer it or it does get out of hand.

Jenny was trying to get us caught up with the vacuuming.

Julia was working on getting a song list together.  They have been invited to a church and have the entire service to sing, play, and dance leading them into worship and praise to our God.  We will be giving some testimonies as well.  You can read the Sarah's  testimony here.

Nala, the cat, wanted to help with the songs.

The lawn had to be mowed as well, so Jen took off to get that accomplished.

I promise more from the hayfield IS coming!!!  I don't want you to miss out on any part!

Always Experiencing Him,


Wilson Family said...

Yeah! Thanks for showing us that you too have dirty dishes. C said, "It looks like they have chores to do". LOL. Thanks

Faith Family said...

Too funny! Tell C they did get washed, :P actually bunches of times since then. Thanks.
Always Experiencing Him,