Hayfield Part 5

To the barn!  Unload the hay!  This is the big red barn at the dairy.  Remember from past photos where it is on the farm?  Now, you are here and we are almost finished!

Dad drives down into the Spring lot, turns the tractor and wagon around and comes back to the barn so we can unload.

Pulling up to the loft; Jamin stands in the doorway.

The crew who unloaded the hay on this day!  There's Max under the wagon!

Barn swallows flying around.

We use an elevator to bring the hay into the barn and closer to where it is to be stacked.  Here's Cousin R with his 1st bale of hay off the elevator.  Good job!

Grandmommy still has it!  Woo-hoo!

Jamin stacking the hay.

Stacking the hay in the barn, we turn the 1st layer on its edge.  It helps to keep the hay from rotting.  Dad's so smart!  The other layers are simply stacked, but need to be tight so they aren't loose when you need to be on top to stack more.

Julia is putting the hay on the elevator from the wagon.  Depending on how elevated it is, you may need to be very particular in how you put the hay on.  At this elevation you can pretty much put it on however, as long as it moves.

Sarah is now at the elevator and Julia is handing the hay up to her.  Remember, they are on top of the load.

IF you noticed, we have different clothes on.  No, we don't go change in between loads.  ;)  This was actually another day.

The crew in the barn!  See how they take the hay from the elevator once it gets to them to stack it.  Good job crew!

Yes!  This mom still has it too!  I can still throw that hay!  (Just not all day like I once could. :(  )

Poppy, Jen and Jamin are in the back of the barn, at the end of the elevator, on top of the hay, probably 6 or 7 layers up, I forget.

 Jen waiting for the hay to drop.

We took 2 layers of 1 load to the big red barn above mom and dad's house.  They keep the bulls at this barn when they separate them from the cows, so they need hay there to feed them during the winter months.

Poppy uses this barn to store round bales and he only has a small platform left to keep hay on to feed the bulls.  When I was growing up there was a floor throughout the barn and we had the entire place full of square bales.  This was before round bales.

Here is where the round bales go.

This is to the right of where the round bales go, where dad keeps 1 bull if they need to be separated.  This is also where My darling husband was throwing a square bale up and over the trough you see here (he was standing on a wagon on 2 layers of hay), when the strings broke and he fell between the trough and the wagon, hitting his head on the way down, causing a bad concussion, actually his 2nd concussion.  We had a very scary moment, but God was with us and He pulled us through.  God certainly was not finished with him yet.  I thank Him still.  We did not have any children as of then and had only been married for a short time.

An empty wagon!  Finished!  Where's the water jug?  

The Finale is next!  Hauling in round bales and a video!

Always Experiencing Him,


ThomasFunnyFarm said...

Good stuff. Wonder if I've "still got it?" Been a LOOOOONG time! Now I just haul around sweet little babes. *Grin*

Jeff and Tamara said...

What wonderful photos! It brought back many memories of farming as a girl. Smelling the hay, feeling the heat of the loft. I loved seeing the elevator and the loaded wagon!


Jody said...

Thank you Tamara. I love the smell of hay as well. Lots of good memories and still making them!
Always Experiencing Him,

Jody said...

Yep Sis, it's been awhile. I'm sure you'd still have "some" of it anyway!
Always Experiencing Him,