Hayfield Part 4

Wow!  I'm sure you are thinking it is taking a loooooong time to haul hay.  Well, it only takes a few days, but with everything else going on, it takes even longer to post about it.  So, all else aside, here is part 4 of hauling hay.  

We are baling the hay which has been raked into windrows.  Dad, Jamin, and Cousin R are stacking the hay onto the wagon as it comes out of the baler.  I believe we had 140+ bales on a load here.  That is a big load.  They stacked it 7 layers high, but if we were taking it inside a barn we could not have stacked but maybe 6 high.  There is a certain way to stack it so it stays on better.  You stack 2, 1, and 2, then the layer on top of that you stack 1, 2, and 2, , then the next is 2, 2, and 1, keeping that going to the top, then you "tie" it together with 2 and then 1 on top.  It really works, and Dad is probably one of the best stackers and teachers on how to stack hay so it is not too loose or falls off.  Depending on where you have to drive to get to the barn, it can fall off, and yes, we have had it happen, just 2 to 3 bales, and usually in a creek.  :(  

This was Cousin R's first time to haul hay and he did a wonderful job.  He is a very hard worker, and enjoys helping.  He is 10, and made us very proud.

Jamin had jumped on top of the hay to catch the bales Dad was throwing up and placing them.

Here, you see Dad throwing the hay up to the 6th layer.  Mom had wanted us to get a pic of him throwing it to the 7th layer, but we didn't.  He still has it.

Julia is on the wagon now.

Mom is usually baling, but I'm driving Big T here, pulling the baler and the wagon.

Looking over the load at the field of hay; you can see the round bales on the left.  Dad does all the round baling.

Thanks Cousin R!  All smiles!

Ok, we are down to 1 post left, the unloading.  Check back soon.

Always Experiencing Him,


ThomasFunnyFarm said...

Awww! Looks like y'all are having too much fun without us. Can't wait to be there.

Faith Family said...

It won't be long now (Lil Sis)! Love ya!
Always Experiencing Him,
Jody (Big Sis)