No weeds!

I will say, this is the absolute best our (Dad and Mom's) big garden has EVER looked!  We have tried to be more diligent this year in keeping the weeds at bay, and plucking those sins right away, each and every one!  Every weed is a reminder of our disobedience and our desire to get rid of them. Thank You, Jesus, for Your forgiveness!

Always multi-generational faithfulness.  Thank you, Dad and Mom, for making this possible and instilling God's Word in our hearts, minds, and our hands.  We really do love working together!

Look!  No weeds!

 Squash is really coming along, as are the other veggies.

Watering our small raised beds only a few times, they are looking great as well, and we have our first squash and zuchinni from the gardens! 

We have been blessed with perfect rain and the perfect sun.  Oh!  The perfect Son!  The One who takes away the sin of the world!  Thank You, Lord!

I pray your family is blessed today!

Let me know what is growing in your gardens and what you are doing with the produce you gather.

Always Experiencing Him,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Wow your garden looks great!! We would love to have a garden but we have so many trees there is just not enough sunlight for everything. This year during the storms we lost a few huge pines so we decided to plant a few berry bushes right in that spot because there was a big gap in the trees and we thought there would be enough sunlight. They are doing pretty good. I hope to get to the new Farmers Market near our home in the morning for some fresh food!!! Great pictures of the garden! Also I am using a new email address so if you ever want to chat again you can reach me at Have a great weekend!!!

Jody said...

Thank you, Missy. I wish we had a few more trees around our house. We could use a bit of shade. We have planted a few, but because of cost we buy the itty, bitty ones, so maybe our grandchildren (one day) can see the beautiful, large trees they will become. *grin* Hope you got lots of nice, fresh veggies at the farmers market!
Always Experiencing Him,