Hayfield Pre-Finale

Signs as you enter the farm.  The farm has been in the Simpson family since 1888, and our children are the 5th generation on this Century Farm.  What a blessing!  I am excited to be able to share with you what goes on at Bluffview Spring Farm from time to time.  I am even more excited to tell you our family has a multi-generational faithfulness legacy that is still being carried on today.  Thank you for following and I hope we have blessed you in some simple way today. 

Dad is carrying round bales from the field, loading them onto a wagon pulled by Mom, and taking them to the barn.

Yes, it looks like the hay spear is spearing mom, but he isn't as close as the pic seems :).  I hadn't even noticed  til Steve pointed it out.

Dad is simply amazing at how he can operate machinery.  It is almost like it's a part of him, so natural.  God gave him many talents in the area of equipment.

Mom waiting til the wagon is full with 8 bales.

They load 2 wagons and then take them in to unload.  Dad on the M, and Mom behind on Big T.  They have to pull out onto a main road and not everyone is kind to farmers, so every time, we pray someone doesn't pull out and try to pass and cause an accident.

Ready to be unloaded.  Dad unhooks from Big T and unloads 1 at a time with the hay spear and takes them into the barn.

Dad is unloading the hay into the barn above their house.  Again, it looks so simple when he does it.

The barn is getting full!  Yeah!  The cows will be happy come winter.  This hay has dried in the field for a few days.  You cannot stack hay straight from the baler because it will still have some moisture in it and cause a fire; we do NOT want that.  A friend has an instrument you can stick in the hay and check the moisture content to see if it is dry enough.  It was!

The back of the barn.  That window is where we used to have the elevator going from the wagon up to the window and those in the barn would stack the square bales.  Seems like a long time ago now.  My children never did that.
Don't ask about the chair to the right in the back of a trailer.  I don't even know why that's there.  Good place to store it I suppose.  You can find anything in the barns, sometimes even treasures, well, not real treasures; that certainly would be nice.  Then we would have money to fix up all the old barns. *grin*
I just asked mom about the chair, and when dad was spraying the fence rows, mom would drive and dad sat in the chair and sprayed.  Too funny; mom even felt weird driving dad around in it.  =)  They have a good time working together and have passed that along to the next 2 generations as well.  Such a blessing!

I had never taken pictures of the farm from this spot.  I love seeing the farm from all the different hills and ridges, it looks so different.

One last post coming up, and it is simply a short video.  Thank you again for farming with us.  We sure have enjoyed it!

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Hope you enjoyed working with us!

We had a wonderful time, and so thankful we could share it with you!

The Finale tomorrow!!!

Always Experiencing Him,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

We have really enjoyed reading everything!

Faith Family said...

Thank you so much. We enjoy sharing with you.
Always Experiencing Him,