Hayfield Part 3

Part 3 of working in the hayfield.  WOW!  It sure is taking awhile to get all this posted for you!  We've been finished with the Big Field, and mom and dad are beginning to mow on other fields now, but I'm still trying to get you caught up with us.  

Raking is the next step in hauling hay, after mowing and tedding.  Sarah is raking with the M.  Raking hay is when the rake turns the hay that has been tedded and puts it into a windrow so the baler can pick it up off of the ground.


Woo-hoo!  Sarah enjoys raking much more than tedding, not sure why because you drive the same tractors, but maybe it is because you actually see what you are accomplishing, making it neat and tidy.

Jenny raking.  I wish we had a close up of the rake but didn't get it.  The rake just kind of turns the hay over into a neat rolled windrow.

The tedded hay is on your left and the raked windrows on your right.  Jen coming down.  She had already raked up the row on your right and is coming back down the same row on the other side.

Dad has them raking down and then straight back on the same row, so you actually get about 1 1/2  to 2 tedded rows into 1 raked windrow, and again this depends on how thick the hay is, sometimes you can only have 1 actual windrow tedded and raked.  

Doesn't the barn look great in the background?  The white barn behind the big red one is what used to be the dairy barn, so we call that area the dairy, or "down at the dairy."  

Almost finished with the Big Field.  

Come back for baling and then unloading the hay into the barn.  If you missed our other farming posts, check them out at the links below and let us know what you think or if you have any questions on farming, we'd love to here a comment or two.

Enjoy and be blessed!

Always Experiencing Him,

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