Hayfield Finale!!!

Enjoy the pics of Bluffview Spring Farm!  We loved having you along for the ride!  I tried to get a couple other videos but our internet just doesn't upload those well.  I was fortunate to get this one.  

There is always more farming to do, and we will share from time to time.  

The kids helped mom and dad raise 18 holstein calves.  They have sold 11, and we will get some pics from the stockbarn next time. 

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Have an absolutely Glory-filled day!  Blessings!

Always Experiencing Him,


Anonymous said...

great tour of the hayfield/farm :-)
makes me want to drive a tractor. haha

Faith Family said...

Hey! I can get you on a tractor a-n-y time you want! =) Glad you enjoyed it!
Always Experiencing Him,

Mikailah said...

Hi there!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, Maid For Him. (And for following!) I am enjoying reading your blog; I have always wanted to live on a big farm, in TN. The animals; the smell of hay; grass... :)

Also, thank you for the encouragement. :) Jesus is so good!! May I ever reflect Him in all I do. :)

In Christ,

Jody said...

You are welcome Mikailah, and stay encouraged in Him.
Always Experiencing Him,