Sarah's 20th Birthday 

We had a birthday meal of her choosing, grilled chicken fettucine alfredo, with her amazing homemade alfredo sauce.  Yes, she did some work on her special day. *grin*

 She requested a carrot cake, and it was a from-scratch recipe from our church cookbook.  Mmmmm  Mmmmm delicious!

The special lady.

Sorry, its blurry, but it was the only pic of her blowing out her candle.

Special gifts for a special lady.

Her favorite flower is a poppy, so Julia painted her a trio of pictures.  Absolutely gorgeous!  They will go above her bed, she has said.

Sarah's fav ice cream is mint chocolate chip, and we love the build-a-bears, so when I saw BAB had a MCC bear, I could not resist.  She LOVED it!

 She also likes Captain America, so the BAB Captain America suit also found its way to her.  Too cute on her overstuffed panda, Brock.  He filled the suit out quite well.

Sarah was having a photo shoot of her siblings, and we took some pictures of her as well.
She has grown into a lovely, beautiful, Godly, respectful, serving her family well, young lady.
Her father and I are so very proud, yes, PROUD, in a good way, of our oldest daughter.

Happy Birthday to a very special young lady.  We pray God surrounds you with His love, guidance, and protection, and that you would continue to be the pillars that uphold and support those around you.

"Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants,
And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;
How blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!
Psalm 144:12, 15b
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Always Experiencing Him,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday!!! The food sounds delicious. She is lovely in her pictures!! Can't wait to see more I love outdoor pictures.

Mikailah said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I can tell you are a beautiful young lady on the inside; as well as the outside. I pray God blesses you this year in new and wonderful ways!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! We celebrate you and praise the Lord for you today. Looking forward to seeing you continue to grow in Him and see all the wonderful things He has in store for you. Take Care! Love, Jorie

3Maidens said...

Thank you, dear friends! And thank you, Mama, for the sweet post!
Love Always,