Things to Come

Our family spent the past week camping at Indian Boundary, our absolute favorite place to camp. We had a wonderful time.  Until I get the pics uploaded, here is the beautiful lake and surrounding trees.  Thanks for being patient during my inconsistencies of blogging, and look forward to seeing our new tent and our setup, (you could call us the Clampetts *grin*) playing volleyball, singing, kayaking, canoeing, biking, hiking, resting, relaxation, and simply gorgeous photos of God's creation!

"Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth,
Sing praises to the Lord"
Psalm 68:32

Always Experiencing Him,


Sammy and Missy Parris said...

Camping!!! Something I haven't done in years but I think our family would love it. Thanks for your sweet comments on our Bible Bee trip. Morgan didn't make it to Nationals but she had a wonderful time and she's already asking to do it again. She was pleased with her rank and told us that the written test was really tough!! How did your family members do? This year was our favorite so far, we loved the study that went with it.
We would love to meet up some day soon. There is also a park with a wonderful newly redone playground across the street from CFA. With this beautiful weather we are having I keep promising to take the kids. We haven't been since it was very hot in July. Our schedule can be very flexible. The only times we are busy with things are Thursday afternoons and then Sammy (my husband) is off on Fridays so we usually do music lessons and school with Dad on that day. If you all come this way we would love to meet you someplace or you are welcome to come over to the house. We feel like we already know you guys and would love to get the chance to actually talk and visit. Hopefully your older ones won't mind being with all my little ones. We can get kinda loud at times!!! Let me know when you all are free sometime and we can try and make plans. Have a blessed week!!! Missy

Jody said...

Camping is our once a year week vacation. The kids have always loved it, even if we happen to be able to do something else, they still want to camp, and I love that.
We do need to make a trip down within a week or so, so I will try and let you know a few days ahead and we can at least eat together. That would be great! Looking forward to new friends and fellowship!
Always Experiencing Him,