Finally!!! Camping!

I am finally getting around to our camping vacation we took last month.  I apologize for taking so long in getting the pictures up.  We have had computer trouble and are working on wiring a house along with building a chicken coop as well.  Just busy, but that's OK, it's all good when He is in control.  I remember I had a post about not being consistent in the area of blogging because our family will come first, but I will always apologize when I can't be consistent, because that's what I do.  
So, after my feeble attempt of explanations, and hopefully your grace, here are a few pics of the beauty we took in all week long.  

The lake is always an amazing place to sit, reflect, pray, and search out all He has in store for me.  It is so peaceful, ALL the time.  Enjoy the view!  

Now, for some pics of our setup and just lazying around the campsite.  We had bought a new tent this year, and it was amazing!  It was a 16 X 16 and was for 16 people.  I guess it was!  The 6 of us had 3 queen size air mattresses and ALL of our luggage and plenty of room to move around.  What a blessing!  We also have a 12 X 20 screen house that served it's final purpose this year.  We set it at the door of the tent so it serves as the porch for our tent.  The picnic table and our chairs and food boxes stay there during the day.

One of breakfasts for the week.  Mmmmm good bacon!

Jenny was plumb tuckered.  Cute!

We had a wonderful, restful time.  My next post will be of our activities during the week.
Keep checking back!
I promise it won't be as long this time!  Back to wiring a house tomorrow, so may be a couple of days, but soon!

Be sure and follow or send me a comment, I sure would LOVE to know you.  Sometimes just a note or your pic is encouragement.  Thanks!
Be blessed in His Love this day! 

Always Experiencing Him,


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I started to relax just looking at them...almost as if I were there. Thanks for sharing!

Jody said...

I'm ready to go back! It was very relaxing! Glad you enjoyed!
Always Experiencing Him,