Cold and Sore Throat Remedies

I have been battling a cold for the past week, which began with a sore throat, and keeps progressively getting worse.  I hoped it would run its course, but it isn't going away so I have now stepped up my remedies. 

The main one I take is:
2 T Raw Honey
1/4 - 1/2 t Cayenne Pepper
2 - 4 Cloves Garlic

Mix and take at least 1/8 t every half hour till gone.  
Now, I go ahead and use the most you can, but some might have trouble with that much cayenne, it really isn't that bad, but you may need to get used to it.    

UPDATE: I started getting blisters on the side of my mouth, evidently from the cayenne burning, so I went back to 1/4 t.

I didn't start this when I began to get sick, and I should have, but when I got worse I mixed up a batch and downed it 2 days in a row.  I still sniffle a bit, and have a cough early morning trying to get rid of the "gunk" from overnight, but then I am better.  Going to do it again today just to give another kick outta here. :) 
Julia had me fix her some so she doesn't get it.

I have a friend who takes this at the beginning of every month for prevention and she has not been sick in years.

My dear friend Charleen told me to take
1 T each of
coconut oil
apple cider vinegar
raw honey
lemon juice
and mix with some orange juice
for overall health every morning.

Coconut oil is good for many things, the ACV is good for a multitude of symptoms, go here for the recipe she uses (the link is for a recipe for colds and sore throats as well).
ACV is a cleanser along with the lemon juice, and honey is an antibiotic.  So, you just can't go wrong with this concoction, as I call them.
I tried the recipe from the link I gave you above and it is ok, but it had a 1/2 t cinnamon in it which is great for you, but my stomach cannot tolerate that much cinnamon, (but I also took it all at once instead of overtime) so I will probably stick to my other concoction for colds.
Here is another link to a different recipe.  I tried it as well, but just didn't like it so liquidy.  The main difference is ginger.  So, I am going to just add 1/4 t ginger to my first remedy above, because ginger is great for our health.

Hope you are enjoying learning how to naturally take care of our health.  God gave us many good foods and herbs to help us get over being sick, or simply to help prevent us from getting sick.

Research and find what works best for you and yours and send me a comment on what you use for your family to keep them well.

Remember, we are to "look well to our households."

Always Experiencing Him,


Ashlin said...

My mom has been making the honey-cayenne-garlic remedy for us for a couple years now, and I think it's great -especially during cold season. I'm very pro "Golden Liquid" thus I like using ACV as much as possible. It's great.

Also, I've been using the deoderant recipe you shared for 3 days now and think its the best deo I've used. Thanks, Mrs. Dake. =)

Jody said...

Thank you Ashlin. How often do you take your remedy and how else do you take the ACV? I'm still in the learning process.
I'm glad you like the thing.ever. Well, not THE best thing, but for deos, yes. Be blessed today!
Always Experiencing Him,