Oh, how glorious!  Our first fire of the season in the fireplace!  The 50's today made it a bit chilly in the house and I really want to hold off on turning the heat on as long as possible.  Those heating bills are as bad as the cooling bills.  Plus, it makes the house really turn to the fall and winter seasons.  I LOVE watching and listening to it.  

We LOVE the season of autumn!  The coolness, breezes, smells, changing of the leaves, the colors, oh, I love the colors, hot chocolate, hayrides, bonfires, boots, sweatshirts, snuggling just a bit closer, decorations, and friends.  Gratefulness is year round, but there is something about autumn that reminds us to be ever so thankful just a bit more.  

Always Counting #1975 - 2001
green grass
girls going to town for me
chairs around the bonfire
"Country" magazine (mom's)
friends to share with
prayers for study group families
chili in the crockpot
daughter on piano
son on piano
musically talented children
short nap 
green vinyl tablecloth
big rough boards for tables
#1988 - 1988...the year we were married!
chicken coop - egg mobile almost complete
father and son to a banquet
1st fire in fireplace
cows moved to another field
getting my van stuck...hmmm
neighbors to pull us out :)
taking chili to neighbors and visiting
early morning rain
reminders to be grateful
opportunities to speak
opportunities to minister
#2000  secret to a great marriage - for women - Respect... Eph. 5:33
Made it past 2000 and still counting!

What do you love most about autumn?  I'd love to hear!

Always Experiencing Him,


Scott Wilson said...

LOL. We were talking about building a fire earlier. Just enjoying resting, so haven't done it yet.

Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I love this cool weather that made it's way in. We haven't started a fire yet but I can hardly wait any longer. Fall is my favorite!!!

Jody said...

I heard from a little birdie you were laughing at us for our fire! It sure does feel good! Maybe you will get to enjoy it tomorrow night for our study if it stays cool.
Always Experiencing Him,

Jody said...

It is ours too Missy. Great to hear from you!
Always Experiencing Him,