Eggs, Arrows and Violins

Eggs, arrows and violins, what kind of title is that?

Well, I wanted to show you our first double yoked egg, this egg was huge!  I could not find my pic of a regular egg and this one side by side, but it was at least double the size!  Poor, poor chicken!  It had a perfect seam around the center, then when Sarah broke it open, it broke right around that middle, at the seam.  We thought this was really cool.  I know people who have had chickens for awhile have these every now and then, but this was our 1st.  We were excited!

Next, arrows, Julia isn't here at the present time, so I thought I would share some pics of her.  She is practicing with a long bow, which was hand-made by a cousin of ours for Jenny and Julia on their 16th birthday.  Julia enjoys target practicing with it.  Actually, she does very well.

Nice form...

Julia has been practicing with Sarah's violin, and she can play just about anything she picks up.  She's a "jack-of-all-trades, but master of none," well, I think she masters them all. :)  She really enjoys trying new instruments, but the guitar and piano are the only ones she plays, with her siblings or our church band.  When she was playing the violin, our cat, Nala, didn't like it too well.  She would walk around, meow, and go to whoever is playing, sniffs, and tries to get them to stop.  Here are some of her reactions to Julia's playing...Ohhh, pleeeeeeeeeze stop...see if you don't see this as well...

She was simply too cute, we couldn't resist.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our simple lives.

I recently updated my blog and I would like some honest opinions, (unless they are really ugly words); what do you think?  Can you read the words and colors ok?  I want it to be easy to see, so let me know what you think...

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