Christmas Morn 2012

Middle of January, and this is the last of our CHRISTmas morning.  We did things a bit different than in previous years, but you can just enjoy the smiles, and joys of our morning.  This is just our fun part of Christmas!!!

This is just too funny, but if you have read much of my posts, you will know that the kids always, always end up standing in their birth order, and yes, here they are again...'cept from left to right...Sarah, Jenny, (oldest twin by 6 minutes), Julia, and Jamin. 
Gettin' ready to come downstairs...our traditions.

This was kinda funny when we realized it, but Julia received real, useful, serious gifts, and Sarah is our fun, cute-loving things, so she had a Ct. America bobblehead, and Jenny opened the Ice Age movie with a stuffed Scrat.  Julia had the collectable Pilgrim's Progress from Answers in Genesis, The Genius of Ancient Man, and a very nice leather bag, the others received a nice gift instead of lots of little things, which we normally do.  Sarah had been saving for a Kindle Fire HD, so she had a nice surprise, Julia had been saving for her leather bag, Jenny has a tablet for a computer so she got the computer for her to do her own work and Jamin got a workout station, for their big gifts this year.  They had worked very hard helping their dad wire a house so part of their payment went to Christmas gifts.  They were quite surprised, excited, and very happy, that's what matters to me...I love, love, love to see the smiles on their faces.

The dad received a pistol safe, and Nala thought it was her home for a bit.

Jamin and dad had all the parts organized so neatly as they were putting the workout station together.  Jamin likes neat, neat, neat, makes me so very happy!  

Had a very blessed, wonderful Christmas! 

Thanks for sharing with us!

Always Experiencing Him,


Sam said...

That's funny that they always end up in birth order. Looks like you all had a great Christmas!
P.S. I like your new background, everything reads clearly.

Where the Green Grass Grows said...

Just found your blog! Love it:) Looks like you all had a nice Christmas!! God bless!

Jody said...

We did have a wonderful Christmas! Thanks Sam, glad you liked the new design.
Always Experiencing Him,

Jody said...

Jennifer, so glad you stopped by! Glad to have you here. Hope you are blessed by a word or two here.
Always Experiencing Him,