Ok, so I'm super, super, super late with this post, but I just had to go ahead and put it on, 'cause I didn't want someday for him to think I just forgot...hmmm...

Jamin graduated from our "Dake Homeschool Academy," aka Homelife Academy, in May of 2013.
We were so excited!  He was the last to graduate, so I guess I graduated as well...still some mixed feelings here, but I suppose that is very normal.  I still glance at the homeschool curriculum passing through McKay's, our all-time favorite bookstore!

Graduation Party!!!

Congratulations, Again, 
Jamin Marshall Dake!!!

Go here or over here to see "The Rite of Passage into Biblical Manhood" we had when he turned 16.

Always Experiencing Him,


Sam said...

Having graduated at about the same time as he did, I bet he's still pretty excited about starting a new phase of life. Congrats to him -- and you for sacrificing so much (like my own mom) to homeschool them!

Missy Parris said...

What a wonderful accomplishment, job well done to everyone!!