Biblical Manhood

January 15th was Jamin Marshall's 16th birthday!
We had a "Rite of Passage into Biblical Manhood" ceremony for him, and invited several families to join and help celebrate this stage in his life.  Some were family members; others were friends who have had an impact on his life.  It was wonderful!
Jamin is full of Godly character, and to have these men speak "Truth" into his life, to encourage, and to challenge him was such a blessing.  Go to the link above to his sisters blog to view parts of the ceremony.  Sarah did a wonderful job in describing it (before I did), so I thought I would give you a glimpse of his life throughout this past year.  You can look into his life a bit and see the man of character and the man of God he has become.

Wading in the lake at Indian Boundary

Riding bikes on the beach

Working at the barn (the dirty jobs)

Replacing caps on the septic pipes in the attic

Schoolwork, of course

Helping celebrate his twin sisters' birthday

A bit tired in the van (he won't like this one ;0 )

Waiting his turn to load the hay wagon

Working with Poppy

All loaded, now to the barn

Unloading to the elevator into the barn

Playing with little cousins, K and J

Helping Little J up the hill

Playing for his sister (with tractors and balers)

A nice smile!

Gotta love those guitars!

Playing softball with cousins, tagging Big J

I think he is becoming a real man

Tractor driving, always on the farm

Reading the newspaper-always reading something

More guitar!

Helping his dad find the septic tank - EWWW! 

Keeping the garage, nuts and bolts (literally) organized

Waxing the van (which we are trying to sell)

More schoolwork

Singing and playing

Family tradition-taking turns reading the Christmas story

Christmas morning!

Helping dad with a present for both - a dehydrator
for turkey jerky!

Working at Poppy's - a great teacher!

Moving an old couch out of the cabin-resting a bit

LOVE Steak n Shakes Chocolate shakes!

A good looking young man!

Making his paracord bracelets and keychains

Enjoying a trip with family

"Did someone holler?"

Looking toward the future

Whether he is working, learning, helping, playing guitar, or simply playing, he has grown into a good-looking young man, well-deserving the ceremony of Biblical Manhood.
His character shines through as he is willing to do anything and help whenever needed.
A Godly young man, a young man we, as parents are so proud of!
We Love You, Jamin!

He received 18 letters and some cards from men who spoke into his life.
I knew it would be hard for men to "write" letters, but they did!
In times of trials and temptations, along with God's Word, he will have the words of these Godly men to look to for encouragement and strength.
He received a plaque commemorating this day, and a sword, representing him as a provider and protector, and the Sword of the Spirit. 

1 Corinthians 13:11
"When I was a child,
I used to speak like a child,
think like a child,
reason like a child;
when I became a man, 
I did away with childish things." 

Always Experiencing Him,

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ThomasFunnyFarm said...

I'll claim him as my nephew any day! We love you too J-Dawg!!!! We love you LOTS!