To Knit or Knot to Knit

Ladies came to our church to teach different crafts, knitting, quilting, scrap booking, and others.  Jenny had wanted to learn to knit.  I thought that a great idea, "I could as well."  Long story short, Jenny is amazing at the craft, I, on the other hand, am not.  She can come up with patterns in her head, or read a pattern and make something wonderful.  This mother does NOT have that ability!  She, in turn, taught Sarah and Julia the art this past August and September, and of course, they took to it, as well.  Gifting, I believe which came from their Heavenly Father.  He has certainly blessed all our children with many gifts and talents, which they only want to use for His glory, and His alone.
As daughters who have chosen to remain home under their fathers' provision and protection, and through the teaching of God's Word, along with resources such as books, So Much More, Raising Maidens of VirtueJoyfully at Home, Feminine by Design, and DVD resources, "The Return of the Daughters," "How to Disciple Your Family, A Plan for Generational Victory," and "Already Gone," among others, they are learning what it means to be a woman, and what God's original plan and design was for women.  Learning God's will at this point in their life they have begun a knitting business, based on the Scripture, Proverbs 31:13, "She looks for wool and flax and works with her hands in delight."  The following pictures are of them learning and working, and some are of others teaching and even Jenny teaching a dear friend the art as well.  Jenny has worked with a young girl at church teaching her the art, and as Titus 2 commands is teaching the younger women.
As a mother, I couldn't be more proud of our girls as they search and obey God's plan for their lives.  Their willingness to not follow the ways of our culture or the worlds' ideas for women encourages me for the next generation.  Their heart attitude is a God-attitude and I am ever so thankful and grateful!  Everything we do is a matter of the heart, whether the clothes we wear, the words we speak, the work we do, or our willingness to obey, all comes from the heart.  
Thank You, Jesus, for speaking and showing us Your plan, and for loving us enough to be patient with us as we learn to follow You in ALL things.     

Watch for the next post, it will be many of the different creations the girls have made and are giving and selling.  Simply amazing!

Always Experiencing Him,

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