Time is an amazing thing. We don't have time, we don't have enough time, it's the wrong time, it's the right time, how much time will it take, do you have the time?  Let's make sure we are using all our time with what really matters.  It is a gift from God, let's use it wisely.

A time for work

A time for making music

A time to focus on His love for us
(original painting by Rhen)

A time for field trips with cousins

A time for clothes hanging in sunshine by Him

A time for singing and making music for the sick, elderly, and neighbors

A time for climbing silos?  Ju, of course
Watching 10 deer at the spring

A time for praise!

A time for His creation - beautiful

A time to be serious, pretty niece J

A time for sisters, sunglasses and babies

A time for His glorious sunset, WOW!!!!
Proverbs 8:17
"I love those who love me; and those who diligently seek me will find me."
Grateful for His gifts #922-933
playing lego wii game
sibling laughter
moving cows to pasture with a bit more grass
the heat
shopping with grandmama
new shoes
putting together church newsletters
ice cream
chocolate syrup
hard eucharisteo - extreme fatigue
needing Your grace

Only by His Grace,


ThomasFunnyFarm said...

A time for sharing...I love you sis.

Faith Family said...

I Love you, too.