Camping and Rest 2011

Here are pics of our family's yearly camping trip to Indian Boundary in Tellico Plains, TN.  In my opinion it has the most beautiful lake and scenery.  I can go, sit, and look at the water and thank God ceaselessly for the beauty my eyes behold.  The lake may be man made, but the trees and mountains surrounding are only made by the hands of God Himself.  He is amazing and I am speechless.
These pics show a few of the activities our family enjoys.  I will post again of the beauty with which I speak.
The girls are working on their knitting.  Some of these projects may be inlaid with the smell of campfire smoke...ummmmm.

Here is a finished project of Jenny's; she worked extra hard on new stitches and putting a heart on these fingerless gloves.  I was very proud of her, and this particular alpaca yarn was hand-dyed by the girls themselves.  Very proud.  They are beginning a business together to sell their handmade projects which will include many different knitted items, along with their artwork.  More to come on this later...

Camping wouldn't be camping without music around the campfires!  Julia had cut her finger during our churches' Sportsman's Rally so she couldn't play, but Sarah and Jamin could.  Wonderful!!!  Of course, we all sang.  We always have people tell us later they enjoyed hearing the music.  What a blessing to be a blessing.

Sarah working on writing her story... a book someday?  Hopefully.  They have many talents; God has richly blessed.  All to be used for Him and Him alone.  It had rained ALL day one day,  reason all bundled up.

Jamin reading, yes, still on rainy day.

Not raining, but The Dad LOVES to read, and yes, he passed it on.

Beautiful pic of Julia viewing the lake from the pavilion, atop of the bike rack.

Jamin wading; we use to swim when they were little, but we seem to enjoy the view more now, but it is still fun to get the feet wet.  ;)

As much as The Mom doesn't enjoy her picture being taken, The Dad snapped a couple, here's one; yes, I love to play as well.

Julia writing in the sand.  We took walks around the lake, a 3 mile hike, as well as rode bikes around and through the camping loops.  Didn't get a good pic of all the bikes, or the campfire, but go over to the girls blog at threemaidens to see more pics Sarah took.

All packed and ready to go.  Could not believe an entire week had passed.  A very calm, relaxing, quiet week of real rest, most importantly, rest in Him.  The scripture, "pray without ceasing," is not that difficult to do, especially when surrounded by His glory.  Talk as you go, where you go, and while you go.  Then "be still and know," and listen.  WOW!!!!  He is good!!!!

Getting ready to pull out.  This was a 1st, Sarah drove her car as well, which made packing a bit easier, and then we drove it to check calls (no service there, not a bad idea); needing to know when my parents were coming to visit.  There are many firsts and lasts in our lives, enjoy them all.

So much to be thankful for.  Lord, You are good, and have blessed us beyond measure. 
Don't let me take anything for granted, I only want to be always at the center of Your will.
My desire is to be obedient to all You have called me to do and be as a woman You created.
I love and honor You with all I am and hope to be.
Always Experiencing Him,

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