If God really works in everything — then why don’t we thank Him for everything?”
That was the first line on Ann's blog post, go here and be thankful!

"I have set the Lord continually before me; Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."    Psalm 16:8

"Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings."   Psalm 17:8

Shadows can be scary when we don't know the origin, but if you don't focus on the shadow, you see the sun, the Son, shining through.  He always does, even in hard times, especially in hard times.

My 8 month old nephew has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  My sister and family had a scare when they saw the shadows fall last Friday, and, there will be a constant watch but, they did see the Son, as He showed up through doctors, specialists, PICU nurses, Godly, Christian nurses and were grateful for friends who loved and cared for the other children during hospital visits and overnight stays.  Grateful it could have been something worse, but even so, Thank You, Lord.  Continue to administer peace, grace, mercy, encouragement, that they still see You and Your goodness in ALL things.  Thank You for their faith and how they share it and their eucharisteos with the other children. 

        Bless them in their faithfulness to You in all things.

           See the shadows, See the Son.

Counting endless gifts #1145 - 1193
for miracles
phone calls for updates
collective prayers
His mercy
husband leading devotions
love for husband continues to grow
His lovingkindness
for nurses-Godly nurses
tests for Type 1 Diabetes
8 mo. old nephew with Type 1
thankful-it could be worse
for trust in Him
faith to believe He knows what's best
for numbers to tell need of insulin
for insulin
mom and dad with faith
parents in prayer
grandparents flying to AZ
safe flights
flashlights to find veins
God working through doctors
our twins 18th birthday - WOW!
meatloaf-birthday dinner
lemon crumb cake-birthday cake
sprinkles for decorations
candles to blow out
gift bags
bright eyes
true joy
so grateful
moving cows and calves
neighbor to help
antibiotics-for calves and us
Godly Christian doctor
phone calls
infections-time for rest
sun, the Son, after the storm
leaves whirling around
creeks filled by rain
47 new babies in the fields
through the shadows we see the light
the shadow of His wings
Christ - the focus

Always Experiencing Him,

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