18th Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, the 16th of November was our twins, Jenny and Julia's 18th birthday!!!  WOW!!!  How time flies!  They are growing into wonderful, Godly, young maidens, whose desire is to please their Lord and Savior.  We are so very proud!

We had a quiet dinner with our family, and Sarah, the big sis (she's 19) decorated their cake.  We were working with the cattle, so they actually helped with the meal and cake.

I said quiet, but we had a bit of silliness and laughter, exactly like it should be.  A wonderful day!!!

Lil bro, Jamin, lit the candles and if you look closely at the last pic, he is under the table like our cat.  Not sure why, but we caught him! *Grin*

Julia is hid between the gifts.  Cute!  Jen's necklace was made from paracord by her brother for her birthday.  How sweet!

The other photographer with a nerds rope in her mouth.  *Sweet*  Go to the girls blog to see more of the three maidens.

Happy, Happy Birthday Girls!!!
We Love You!!!

So grateful for who you are!

Always Experiencing Him,

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Marie Wright said...

That looks so fun!
Bet you guys enjoyed it.
My best 18th birthday wishes to the celebrant
Have a happy birthday!

hugs xxxx