Family Outing

Our family recently took a trip to Bald River Falls. 
Take a look at God's wonderful and amazing creation.
The dad was so overwhelmed by the goodness we were surrounded by and our wonderful children that we had our Bible readings for the day on top of the falls, and then a glorious prayer in the middle of all God had made for us.  Isn't God good?

The Dad and his wonderful, Godly young man.  
Isn't he cute?  Yes, the son is too. =)

Our amaaaaazing children.  
A mother couldn't be more proud.
It's ok to be proud in this instance. *grin*

The Falls.  Looks just like my painting my cousin, Rose Ridings, did for us.

"I will bow down toward Your holy temple
and give thanks to Your name 
for Your lovingkindness and Your truth;
For You have magnified Your word
according to all Your name.
On the day I called,
You answered me;
You made me bold with 
strength in my soul."
Psalm 138:2

Praise is the deepest expression of the soul in love with God.
Worship Him

Always Grateful # 1195-1213

for little ones
His grace to carry us through
wise young daughters
seeking His face
the dark of night
for rest
fog lifting from the spring
cold morning to feed - 30's
turnips from Poppy
sweet tea
preparing for study
fire on a cold morning
prayers for insulin pump by this weekend
daughter-more computer savvy than mom
answered prayers
14 deer behind our house
wild turkeys over the farm

      Grateful in ALL things, yes, 
               thank You, Lord.

Always Experiencing Him,

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