The seniors of our church had a get together and asked our children to play Christmas carols.  We had a wonderful time!  They ate, exchanged cards, Steve read the beloved Christmas story about our Savior's birth, and then they led us in song.  
What a joyous time!

Go, sing, and tell what Jesus means to you!
Bless someone's heart as you minister in song!
We still have a few homes for our family to sing to.
Blessing those who cannot get out, we end up on the receiving end even more so!  
Oh, how giving blesses the heart!!!
Thank You, Jesus!!!

(Archived from postings, this was 2011.  The kids sang for the seniors again this year, but I was too sick to go and hear them, so I wanted to post to make me feel like I had been there.  They had a great time again!  We love these dear people who have paved the way ahead of us.)

Always Experiencing Him,

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