For Unto Us...

Julia made this beautiful drawing on our chalkboard wall on the utility room for this glorious season.  I had asked her to make a silhouette of a tree and I do believe she did a most wonderful job.  Thank you Julia for the reminder every time we left or entered our home:
"For unto us a child is born"

A cute pic I wanted to throw in.  We played a fun, but different kind of white elephant game, and I will say every single person that played liked it so much more than the regular one, because you read a poem and it TELLS number 1 what to do and who to exchange with or not, then number 2 and so on, so there really isn't hurt feelings, you just play by the rules.  Anyway, Jenny had a picture taken of herself and autographed it "to my favorite fan  Jenny" and it was great.  The 1st time we used it however, she ended up with it back!  We could never have planned that!  It was way too funny.  The next time another family member ended up with it.  She had fun with it; she is our comedic relief in our household.  We wouldn't have it any other way, she's a blessing.  Love you Jenny!

Tell us a fun game or a fun time you had with family and friends during the CHRISTmas season, we'd love to hear!

Always Experiencing Him,


ThomasFunnyFarm said...

What a cutie! Finally got some posts done. Jenny looks gorgeous in the REAL pic (and pretty doggone cute in her fun pic). Our fun for this year has been the game from Familyman! We had lots of fun with Kel's family. Love you guys.

Ashlin said...

So funny!
I totally agree with her.↑ Your hair looks so beautiful in that picture, Jenny!

My favorite games to play are games like charades. We sometimes use bible words/people/stories, and we've also tried pulling from a hat one emotional and adding it to one job, so we might be an angry taxi driver, or a sad chef. It's lots of fun and the littler ones can play and have fun as well as the bigger ones.

Jody said...

So glad your you had a great time with your friends and family. We've had more sickness here so our fun has slowed down, actually stopped for a bit. :( But slowing down is good sometimes too. Thanks for commenting!
Always Experiencing Him,