A Happy Thanksgiving

I am backing up one holiday to finally put our Thanksgiving Day meal on.  My brother-in-law and his wife had us over to their home because they have a totally open basement that is big enough for a still ever growing family.  We wanted to have a "traditional" meal with ALL sitting around one table and ALL the food being passed.  We did it!  We had 9 tables together and decorated it and even used REAL dishes.  It was wonderful and so much fun!  There were 25 present and that included my parents as well.  I am the only in-law with still living parents and both our parents' have been lifelong friends.  My sis and family as you recall are in AZ, so since Steve's family is bigger and all are here, we include my parents.  

Steve's parents are on this end and mine at the other end.  Wish I had taken pics of the decorations, they were so pretty and the dessert table, oh the dessert table!  Sorry you missed out!  Enjoy!

My parents on this end.

My dad has a poem he found and enjoys reading it every Thanksgiving, and so with Julia playing softly on the dulcimer, he read, "My Cup Overflows."

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and always give thanks, always giving thanks.

Always Experiencing Him,

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